Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Duke Ellington!

Hi readers! Sorry I've been missing in action - blame Duke Ellington, jazz and the A Train! All our hours of event planning finally came together today at a successful (and fun!) event in Harlem and the subway tunnels of NYC.
It's the 110th anniversary of jazz legend Ellington's birth, so to celebrate, The Bahamas sponsored a run of the vintage 1939 A Train, made famous by his song "Take the A Train." Following a swinging 10 a.m. performance by The Duke Ellington Orchestra at the subway station, the snazzy, tuxedo-clad musicians, Duke's grandkids Mercedes & Paul, my Better In The Bahamas teammates, a handful of JetBlue Crewmembers (Dont' forget: $79 one-way fares from NYC to Nassau!) and the general public boarded the vintage train for a nostalgic trip through time... and I realized I need more jazz on my iTunes. Duke is the jam!!!

What do The Bahamas got to do, got to do with it? Duke Ellington used to perform at the infamous Cat and Fiddle Club in Nassau back in the jazz heyday, plus the A Train is the fastest way to get to JFK Airport/JetBlue's Terminal 5... and THAT is the fastest way to get to The Bahamas.

Check out a quick montage of the day's events here, and download "Take the A Train" on iTunes tonight... it will get your toes tapping, I promise!
And check out these other videos from today:
Vintage 1939 A Train Arrives at 125th Station for Trip Through Time

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