Friday, April 10, 2009

New Internet Friends

Hi guys! Yesterday I mentioned how this whole Best Job in the World experience has gifted me with a handful of new blogs to follow… what kind of blog pal would I be if I didn’t share the love with the BAA faithful?

Some of these are hilarious because they're well-written and witty, others are hilarious because they're just offbeat and/or in an unclassifiable category. Which one is your favorite?

Holly, UK
Sarah Louise, UK
Anny, Canada
Nila, Indonesia
Hailey, Australia
Linda, Canada
Marcella, Canada

Top 50, 49, 48, or whatever we are calling ourselves: if I've missed your blog, please add it to the comment section. xo

1 comment:

nila tanzil said...

hey Angie, thanks for mentioning my blog on your post!
have been following your blog, too.. and loving it!
keep rockin', gal!!!