Monday, April 27, 2009

Sucking the Fun Out of Summer Vacation

BAA: So what research have you done to prepare for our trip? Mom told me you haven’t so much as moved that pile of books I left you to read.

RaeRae: I have done research! I Googled where Europe is!

BAA: (Smacks forehead.)

RaeRae: And I started reading that one really huge book, but it was so boring.

BAA: What was it about?

RaeRae: Like, William the Conquerer and that place with those people at that time.

BAA: (Smacks forehead.) I swear I am taking you to Epcot.


ghazal said...

i have a question! the "twitter me" gadget you have on your R. sidebar ... how do i do that??? i would love to have mine there too :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, it did NOT go down like that!