Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Day Brought to You by the Number 9

1. Pray for La La La Lauren ’s Dad. He had surgery on Monday and is recuperating.

2. About the Alphabet of Plans… I don’t have any news on Plan B, so aren’t you glad you don’t know what it is yet? Plan C is well underway and Plan D is still TBD because I don’t have enough information to proceed. Waiting… waiting… waiting…

3. I’m addicted to Twitter. I’m eating cake. (I know the expression is eating crow, but I’d rather eat cake. So.)

4. I made a dentist appointment for Monday, so I’ll be freaking out from now ‘til then. Every time I go, they’re like, “Hey BAA, gimme like $750.” And I do. I should have been a dentist.

5. I haven’t been to The Bahamas in four months and I am experiencing conch-withdrawal.

6. One of my friends had a(nother!) baby. Welcome Brock Alexander Screen to Earth.

7. I get really bugged when people ask me what my hopes and dreams are for the future, because I don’t like to plan out stuff like that. Come to think of it, the most satisfying thing I can think of right now would be a lifetime spent on a big fluffy bed, surrounded by seasonal candy, (Cadbury Eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs come to mind) watching The Office, Flight of the Conchords and the Soup. They may say I’m a dreamer…

8. Summer Europe plans are underway and for a while there, it was looking pricey! Plans might change though, as RaeRae refuses to read any of the books I suggested to prep for our learning vacation to London/Paris. (She said I suck all the fun out of life. Go figure!) Since she won’t do any research, I predict she’ll take a passing glance at the Eiffel Tower and then go right back to re-reading Twilight for the 10th time. So here’s the plan: I’ll blindfold her and we'll go to Epcot. She’ll never know the difference.

9. It’s still quite cold here, however my new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit arrived in the mail today. Spring must be close... right?


Jamie said...

omg love the suit!!

Anonymous said...

the suit is super cute!


Camels & Chocolate said...

Um, I might just have to buy that suit. (And the model's tan while I'm at it.) Then, we can be twins in the Bahamas! =)

ghazal said...

oooh i love the bathing suit too!! i havent been to vs.com since forever. thanks for reminding me how awesome it is ... their summer dresses i love!!