Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BJITW Caretaker Chosen

Today, after what seemed to be the longest PR campaign in history, Tourism Queensland finally chose the Hamilton Island caretaker - Ben S from the UK. Congrats, Ben! I've heard great things about Ben and can't wait to see how he does as caretaker. How exciting for him!

What a blessing it's been getting to know some of the other finalists via Facebook, Twitter and Skype. I'm still in awe that this Willy Wonka-like PR stunt has left me with an unusual camaraderie with 47 like-minded folks. While I didn't end up with the caretaker job, I did get to share this once-in-a-lifetime journey with some absolutely remarkable citizens of the world. To me, that was well-worth the effort, the two days stuck in Long Beach Airport, the crazed voting and even the disappointment of not getting the job. If I just stop to think about how blessed I am, it overwhelms me. I still have an amazing job working for the world's best PR agency, I'm 47 friends richer and I have a free place to stay in 19 countries. That's a win in my book!
In other BJITW news, you simply MUST watch this video from musical Mitch - remember him? If I hadn't been so busy voting for myself, I certainly would have cast a few votes in his direction - not that he needed them! (He finished 2nd in the overall leader board.) This latest video is the sequel to his application... man, if I lived in Canada, I would want to be Mitch's next door neighbor. You know I how I love spontaneous musicals in the street - it's my dream life. Nice job, Mitch!

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