Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are the Days of Our Lives

I believe I inherited from my Dad the ability to blank on what day, month or year it is if asked. I often forget my age – I have told people I’m 28 and 25 in the same day, and I’m neither. Today, while glancing over my planner, I realized that I graduated from college four years ago this month. I was equally as surprised to see that we’re already five months into 2008… wait, 2009!?! It’s been FIVE years since college? Programming note: BAA smacks head on desk.

That soap opera guy was right about the sands through the hourglass. Remember how as a kid, just waiting for your birthday or Christmas or summer break took eons? Now the years zoom by and I don’t even realize it. Wonder why life is in such a hurry?

I sure feel old… or maybe just olderrr. I felt the same way on graduation day - but I look so sprightly and tan and Floridian in the photo! Now hear this BAA-ism: You’re always the oldest you’ve ever been, so of course you feel old. That probably makes no sense to anyone but me, so forgive the digression. We fogies ramble.

May 2004

…I graduated from the University of Florida

…I didn’t know what to do with my degree in public relations

…I had a long term boyfriend whom I expected to marry

…I wanted to have a house & kids and live in a quiet suburb

…I was so blonde

…I had a little red Chevy Cavalier

Back then, when asked about my ‘5-year plan,’ I am quite certain I never mentioned anything on the list below.

I’m so happy God is in charge of my future and not small-minded me. He knew all along what would fulfill me, though I was convinced I could find satisfaction in a husband, or a best friend, or whatever. I’m so much more myself now than I was five years ago when I thought I had it all figured out.

To quote my favorite blonde, “This is so much better than that!”

Since May 2004

…I’ve worked at 3 global PR agencies, and have seen the industry revolutionized before my eyes – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube!

…I’ve lived in Atlanta

…I was a Top 50 finalist for season 6 of The Apprentice

…I smashed up my car and my neck

…I moved to NYC without a job

...I became Big Apple Angie and launched this blog

…I went brunette (and today I’m a redhead!)

…I’ve been to The Bahamas a dozen times – Andros, Abaco, Nassau, Grand Bahama, Long Island, Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Exuma (and next week: Crooked, Acklins, Mayaguana & Paradise Island)

…I was a Top 50 finalist for The Best Job in the World

…I’ve traveled to Hawaii three times and hiked the famous Kalalau Trail

…I learned to scuba dive

…I’ve gone on mission trips to Bolivia three times

...My identity theft story was published in Seventeen

…I developed a strange love of sharks and cage diving

…I’ve been white water rafting

…I was photographed for Glamour

…I was on the cover of Going Places magazine and had a travel story published in the same issue

…I covered the Heisman Trophy announcement for a Jacksonville news station, which was really just an excuse to meet Tim Tebow

...Hmmm, am I missing anything?

The Next Five Years

I'd be crazy to try to predict!


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ghazal said...

i love reading your blogs :) this is by far my most favorite. it TOTALLY hit a note with me.

Anonymous said...

Great to read about your graduation and journey into the working world but it leaves off.... do tell about the decision to move to NYC! I'm still in that in-between phase.


Camels & Chocolate said...

I had no idea you were in the top 50 of the Apprentice, too! Your hair right now looks FABULOUS--keep it this way! I wish I could pull off dark like you do!

I also forget my age quite frequently...and I always thought my dad was lying when he told me that...