Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

I spent 24 hours at home in Middleburg Sunday/Monday. Just enough time to surprise my little sister, do a donut in my brother’s truck, play Rockband & Apples to Apples, eat the first bite of Dad’s famous homegrown tomatoes, smell the blooming gardenias, tour the veggie garden, hit up Pastor Scott’s Memorial Day picnic, swim in Lake Asbury, eat ribs, listen to Bishop preach, do laundry and have supper at Carrabba’s. That’s a whole lot of Southern goodness crammed one hot day.

I’m declaring this week “Stop Being A Crappy Friend” week. It occurs to me that I never call anyone even though there are folks out there I love dearly and actually want to catch up with… I get so wrapped up in planning all my projects that when I do have 5 minutes to myself, I just like to stare at the wall. Unacceptable! I’ve started a list and will be getting in touch with y’all in the coming days… please prepare notes of your 2-3 most important stories to tell. Just kidding ;)

RaeRae & I are leaving for Europe in 17 days. I have been practicing my French and reading piles of books to get ready. When I studied in Paris in 2003, it appears all I did was pine for my useless boyfriend back home. Bad idea. I didn’t read one book to prepare for the journey, nor did I absorb all the history and culture I could have while I was there. Now I’m absolutely overwhelmed with details! It's a good time to send any suggestions my way… we’ll be hitting up all the main attractions in London and Paris, but if you have off-the-beaten-path tips, I’d love to hear them.

Bless my poor Dad’s heart. He just got his very own cell phone with (gasp!) Internet, texting and whatnot. He doesn’t have a clue what to do with any of it, as he’s never even used a computer before. When he picked me up at JAX on Sunday afternoon, he showed me that he’s been getting text messages from or something. I flipped through the texts and saw that his free trial was ending and they were about to start charging him $10/photo. Poor Dad didn’t even know how to get the photos, even if he had signed up for them. "The phone just keeps beeping at me, I don't know what to do with it!" I said he had to tell Mom ASAP so she could call the phone company and handle. Well, Hodgie, Rae and I got home from the church picnic right about the time he told Mom… though it sounded like Memorial Day fireworks shooting out of the house, it was really Mom yelling, “It’s PORN! It’s PORN!” WHOA. Turns out, while Dad was looking for cool surfing pictures, he accepted an untoward photo subscription as well, even though he never could figure out how to access any of the pictures at all. For probably the first time in his life, Mom made him contact customer service all by himself and we laughed our faces off as he said to the representative, “I’m a nice guy! I don’t look at porn!” Bless him!

La La La Lauren and I went on a “booze cruise” in Nassau on Saturday, and do you want to know the one lesson I learned? I’m too old for such shenanigans. Guests on the boat included me, Lauren, the class of 2009 and a (very young) wedding party clad only in speedos. The good news was that those skinny teenagers didn’t eat much, so I got two helpings of ribs. Yeah baby.

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