Monday, June 1, 2009

Advocate of the Week

A few months back, I was chosen as the Advocate of the Week at my agency, and my little Q+A appeared on our worldwide intranet. Totally not a big deal, but I thought you dear readers might enjoy a look at professional Big Apple Angie.

How did you get into PR (please don’t say “by accident!”)? I’m a born communicator - even my name means “messenger.” I chose PR as my major in college and have been actively relating to the public ever since.

Please explain what you do (i.e. practice, key clients, region). As a member of the Travel + Lifestyle Practice and on behalf of clients like The Bahamas, Beverly Hills, Hotel Indigo and Crowne Plaza, I write, pitch, manage partnerships and promotions, coordinate events, design engaging Evites, Twitter, blog, kite surf, scuba dive, etc. I love that no two days are the same.

What is your greatest achievement (personal or professional)? In my personal life, I'm a phenomenal big sister to Alex, 23, and RaeRae, 15. Professionally, I'm proud of the "Learn To" press trip series The Bahamas team implemented this year. We created a catch-all Web site inviting top media to experience the destination in a new way and developed experiences like Learn to Relax, Learn to Cook, Learn to Scuba and Learn to Kite Surf. The concept was a big hit and we hosted 10 outstanding media trips this year.

What person (alive or dead, industry or non-industry) would you most like to work with? Off the top of my head…C.S. Lewis, Britney Spears or Steve Irwin. C.S. Lewis was a brilliant Christian thinker and I would love to absorb just a fraction of his faith. Britney could teach me killer dance moves and I could give her a few tips for dealing with the media. Steve Irwin and I could swim with sea creatures and make up ridiculous catch phrases. Crikey!

What has been the most memorable moment in your career? It's hard to believe this was part of my career, but becoming a certified open water diver alongside journalists in The Bahamas was unforgettable. Kite surfing lessons were a close second, although that particular memory plays more like “getting yanked six feet out of the water while harnessed to a massive kite and then face-planting into the sea.”

What’s the best book you’ve read recently and why? The Shack, William Young. A beautiful fictional story about the relationship God has with us.

Who is your favorite band/singer? My dad was the keyboard player for Molly Hatchet in the 90s, so I feel a familial obligation to love that band specifically and the Southern Rock genre in general. Otherwise, No Doubt.

Tell us something that your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you. I was a top 50 finalist for Season 6 of The Apprentice and spent a week sequestered in the Santa Monica Doubletree being interviewed by Donald Trump and Mark Burnett.

What location would you most like to visit next on a holiday and why? I sponsor a little girl in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, through Compassion International, and I’ve been to visit her on mission trips three times. Her family has become my second family and I miss them terribly. Another trip to Bolivia is definitely on the agenda…

How are you an advocate? How do you support/advocate for your clients? How do you see yourself as an advocate at work? Travel is my passion so channeling that into a job I love makes being an advocate second nature.

What is your motto/what words do you live by? If adventures do not befall a lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad. -Jane Austen

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