Tuesday, June 2, 2009

California Video Recap, Vol. 1

BAA, didn't you say you were going to post video from your California trips earlier this year?
As you know, Erica & I traveled to Beverly Hills way back in February, so I apologize that it's taken me this many months to upload our adventure to YouTube. This clip takes us from the highway to Hollywood to 90210 to The Tonight Show studio in Burbank. Special guest stars include Erica's brother Todd (who now refers to me as his other sister) and Hugh Hefner & bunnies (watch for them in the gritty in 'da club footage.)

BAA, why did you choose a Britney song for your soundtrack?
As Erica and I were loading up into the snazzy SuperShuttle for our ride to the famed Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney's Circus began to play. I presumed, since it's my ringtone, that it was my phone ringing. Then I noticed Erica was reaching for her phone at the same time. O.M.G. We had the exact same ringtone. Hello, soulmate!

BAA, when can we expect additional montages of your adventures?
I'm not making any promises on timing... but I do have tons of video to share from the Best Job trip to California, from my trip to Florida last week & from my last jaunt to the Bahamas, so expect montages to come out as I have time to edit.

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