Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Freshman Year? Check!

As we speak, RaeRae is finishing up her final exams and preparing to close the freshman year chapter of her life. Already? Many of you remember her when she was about 4 years old, with her Disney princess dresses and crazy curly hair bouncing everywhere (Mom - scan a pic and I'll post). It blows my mind to think that just a year ago she was nervous about starting MHS and now she's a social butterfly and bigtime Bronco fan, just like her big sis.

I was reading a MySpace survey bulletin she posted this week and this entry made me laugh out loud:

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?
To get out of this one house town and go anywhere whenever with ange and samantha brown!

1. This is great because if she had just one wish, it would be to hang out with me (and Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel.) Um, wish granted (minus Sam) starting next Tuesday!
2. I love that she called it a one house town instead of a one horse town. That's cute.
3. It rhymes. She's a poet!
4. If I were granted one wish, it would probably have something to do with Samantha Brown, the Travel Channel, RaeRae and a vacation. I love how my little protege is turning out so much like me!

Also, in Eurotrip news, since RaeRae is whole heartedly ignoring my pleas to read books, I have a much more fun and subtly educational project for her when she arrives in NYC next week. Stay tuned for details!


Anonymous said...

You two could not be more DIFFERENT.


I'm so envious of your upcoming European adventure!!