Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday in Paris

Readers, we need your help. We've done everything we came to do in Paris and we have a full day left to spare. We have a few ideas for Saturday, but we need your help to make the final decision. Please review the options below, and use the comments section to tell us which one you prefer... or suggest something else, inside or outside of the city.

A. Disneyland Paris
B. Lay in a park
C. Giverny, Monet's house & garden
D. Chartres Cathedral
E. Normandy
F. Other

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Anonymous said...

Also, anybody know of some fab French face cream I should stock up on while I'm here?
Save your money. Buy Elysee off HSN when you get back. I've used the 'fab' French face creams and the Elysee works better and is cheaper.

What should we do our last day in Paris?
Only two choices for me - 1. Go to Giverny. You will love it!! (AND it is officially in Normandy, too.) The grounds are incredible, the house is done in amazing colors, the kitchen AND the dishes match it other. The lily pond Monet painted so many times is still there and looks exactly the same.
Go to Chartres - I guarantee that beautiful old cathedral with the lilac light from the stained glass will put shivers up and down your arms. Supposedly Chartres Cathedral was built on the site of an old grove, sacred to Druids, so it is doubly blessed.
My third choice would be Rouen, Normandy. I love all the half timbered houses there and it has a lovely (modern) church at the site where Jeanne d'Arc was burned by the nasty British. You will like the short poem to Jeanne at the site, as well, esp since you speak French and can translate it for your Grandmere who is also going to visit that site soon.

Does it suck if we go to EuroDisney, but I say no to all souvenir purchases? Is Disney with no junk like a cone with no ice cream?
Those I know who have been to both EuroDisney and DisneyWorld, prefer Disney World. Don't waste your French time on an American resort - just mho.

Samantha...your Monga's friend who lived in France for years