Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Folks come and go from this island like the tides. When I landed here three years ago, I intended to participate in the ebb and flow just like everyone else who rolls in, has a blast/makes a career, and retreats in a timely fashion. After nearly three years, the trickle of friends who are ending their NYC journey is becoming a swelling tide … and I’m not ready for it.

How could anyone desire to leave this place? I shake my head as I say that, because not long ago I thought I’d move on as scheduled, too. But since I’m not ready to leave (and who knows if I ever will?), I can’t comprehend why anyone else would be. Kelly left last summer, then for a while the shore was still. Recently though, several folks have announced their departures, including various colleagues, Elizabeth, Michelle (tomorrow!) and multiple friends who plan to float to Georgia, Texas or California as soon as a job appears. Though I’ve pretended it wouldn't happen for a long time, finally I am beginning to accept that the next wave of deserters is here. I knew NYC was transitional when I arrived, but I accepted that truth on the presumption that I would be one of the first rolling out with the tide.

What will I do when my people leave? The family I made when I first moved here, those who got me through that mind-boggling first year, are essentially crossing themselves off my brunch invite list one-by-one. While there are plenty of “lifers” that I’ve grown to love as much as the tidal bunch, I still dread the knowledge that I’ll be receiving going away party Evites more and more often in the coming weeks, months and years.

Departures aren’t personal, obviously, but they smart nonetheless. The friends who rolled in on the same tide as me are as much a part of what makes NYC shine as the towering skyline. As a rule I like change, but I will miss the landscape of the shore as I knew it.


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Time for you to come home too kiddo. Get on your boogie board and ride that tide right back here where you belong.