Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Find a Key and Turn This Engine On

Two nerve-wracking days down, 1 crazy night to go!

I was nervous all day Monday about Agency Idol rehearsal with the full band after work. I hadn’t practiced my song in public, and the acoustics in the shower make you sound like Mariah Carey… which is not exactly a true representation, you know? Once I got over the initial butterflies, rehearsal was actually fun. The bandmates are hilarious - remember guest blogger Dan from a few years ago – and they made me feel right at home in the studio. Which, technically I should feel at home in since I grew up with a studio... in my home. The experience reminded me so much of my Dad’s band practices back in the day - except I was singing, which NEVER happens at the Orth studio. Never ever ever. Coming from a family of musical talent, I didn’t want anyone to know what a crappy musical halfwit that I am, so I waited until I moved to NYC so I could be a crappy musical halfwit in front of my entire company. Much less embarrassing, you know.

At any rate, my singing attempts Monday night were a little pitchy, Dawg, but I think Paula, Randy & Simon (ok, totally not Simon, he would have said it was dreadful or abysmal or wretched) would be proud of my performance -- and I’ve worked out the kinks for tonight’s outrageous show. I wish you could all be there (maybe I’m just saying that because you can’t, it would probably make me nervous if the entire blogosphere showed up), because it really is going to be a riot.

The important part of tonight’s show is my outfit, which I shan’t mention here because it’s a surprise, of course. Agency Idol performances are always shrouded in secrecy, that way the final show is a treat for everyone. My gear is ready and packed in my little Vera duffle next to my desk and my colleague Katharine just said I already look like a rockstar. A good sign, to be sure. Sound check is this afternoon and I sing sometime before 9 or so… pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow, of course. After tonight, I swear I’m not signing up for any more insane stuff for the rest of the year. Seriously. Maybe. Well, I’ll try not to.

In boring news… Tuesday’s scary event was decidedly less fun, but then, what fun can a root canal ever be? I was quite glad I didn’t research what exactly a root canal was before getting it, because for the love of Bob Hope’s ghost, it’s frightening. I looked it up on Wikipedia when I got back though, of course, and was horrified. To my surprise, the actual procedure didn’t hurt at all. It was a tiny bit uncomfortable, but that’s mostly because I was so tense I was hovering above the chair instead of resting in it. My tiny little endodontist went to Harvard (of course I asked where she got her degree!) so I felt a little better once I imagined her as Elle Woods. Always comforting to know the person sticking needles in your mouth likes mixers, costume parties and mani/pedis.

I'm off to rock...


Camels & Chocolate said...

Ooooh, PLEASE get someone to film and post a video! I'm sure you'll be AWESOME!

Yuяi said...

Break a leg, Ang. But not really, please!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, that actually sounds really fun!