Friday, August 14, 2009

Another New York Minute

I nearly forgot that today marks my 3 year NYC anniversary, and therefore it's also's birthday. Three whole years! 36 months! 1,095 days! And more New York minutes than you can shake a ninja sword at (more on that later.) I'm slightly horrified that this BAA holiday almost slipped my mind. If I'd thought of it earlier, I'd be out celebrating instead of eating ramen noodles and watching Arrested Development.

I'll think about that tomorrow. I've been so swamped at work that among other monumental happenings this year, I haven't had time to process the significance of this particular anniversary. I've lived in New York twice as long as I lived in Atlanta... and it felt like I lived there for about 100 years. I wish I had both time and clarity of mind right now to share something profound about my time in NYC... but I have neither. I'm supposed to be packing for my church retreat to the Poconos tomorrow, so I'd better get back to it.

Never fear, readers! I am not leaving you completely without content. I did put together this little list of goodies I've accumulated since I got here. You might be surprised by some of the items...

1 puffy coat (Thanks for the tip, JMart & LJ)

1 Apple computer (Which I decided to purchase on the spot because Pat Sajak was in the Apple store)

1 iPhone (Love of my life. Sorry I dropped you in the toilet that time.)

1 T-Mobile Sidekick (Glad we're exes.)

1 Tinkerbell house (Known to most adults as a 'lantern')

1 set scuba mask & snorkel/fins/dive bag/booties
1 surfboard (As God is my witness, I shall surf on this board.)
1 kitesurfing vest
1 ninja sword (Everyone should have one in case of mutant ninja invasion.)
1 Travelocity Roaming Gnome (We scuba'd together in the Bahamas. He lives at my office now.)

1 hot pink yoga mat

1 extra large griddle

1 pair of gold Enzo shoes

1 pay phone for the back porch

1 stunning red leather briefcase (From Jorel's amazing dad.)

1 new pair of glasses

5 umbrellas

A couch, bed, dresser, TV cabinet, shelving system, pots & pans, silverware, barstools, etc.

2 orthopedic boots
1 teeny HD TV
1 DVD player

1 stuffed baby alligator from Bolivia


Unknown said...

Dude, don't forget the newly acquired cage thing and orb lights! Nice bag, btw ;-) See you Sunday

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you... and miss you! Can we play soon??

Carrie said...

Congrats on the anniversary/blog birthday! I only lived in NYC for five months. I miss it a lot. Can't wait to read about more adventures!