Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Apt. 1E

This week marks three full years in Apt. 1E! Can you believe I'm still here and I still love this place? It's almost unheard of in these parts for people to stay in one living space year after year after year, so I feel very blessed that I'm still enamored with my little home.

Perhaps you've read between the omitted lines this past year and noticed really didn't write about my home situation or the roommates...

With the entree of the new roommates on Aug. 1, I'm happy to say order has found its way to 1E. The d├ęcor matches, the floors are beautifully clean and the dishes are always done - sigh. It's lovely. So, meet the new roomies!

Erica a prized colleague and fellow travel enthusiast (you might remember her from the LA trip earlier this year.)
...hails from South Carolina.
...has a brother I like to call Dr. McDreamy. He really is a doctor and he really is dreamy. taking over Brad/Alexis/Amy/Rachel’s room.

...has a car! In 3 years living in NYC, he’s the 1st friend I’ve had with a car.
...and I will see each other more in the 1st month of living together than we have in the course of our entire 14 year friendship.
...and I met when his family relocated from New Jersey to Florida back in the mid-90s, and he lived across the street from the love of my 14-year-old life. taking over Erin/Angie/Gabe’s room.

Sara a new friend from the Redeemer classifieds. the first Coloradan to live in Apt. 1E. taking over Kelly/Nikki/Kevin’s room.

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