Friday, August 21, 2009

Live from Miss Universe 2009

I'll give you one guess where I am today...

But before you get all jealous and say, "Oh BAA, your job is so easy and great!" I want you to realize that colleague Kimmie Gibbler and I are spending 8-10 hours a day in a conference room answering queries from international media who are both confused and confusing. And let's be real: conference rooms look the same whether you're in the islands or Chicago, so keep that in mind when you're wishing you were me.
You know I love the unpredictability of my job though, and since we arrived on Wednesday we've been running around like crazy. On Thursday morning I participated in a satellite media tour with the current Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, Miss USA Kristen Dalton and Claudia Jordan, one of the hosts of the pageant on Sunday night. Scoff at the pageant world if you must, but these 3 ladies were funny, charming, approachable and sassy as can be. Miss Universe and I bemoaned our mutual sinus issues (p.s. I'm SO sick AGAIN), Miss USA and I chatted about how there are not enough quality guys in NYC to go around and Claudia and I laughed at how we could eat whatever we wanted because we don't have to parade around in a swimsuit on TV Sunday night. Tune in to NBC at 9 p.m. to watch the big show!
One thing I decided not to mention to Dayana... that I've had a cardboard cutout of her in my cubicle for a month. 'Cause I dunno, that might just come off as creepy. We had the cutouts created to place at the Bahamas airports so visitors could get "crowned" by Miss Universe and get excited about the pageant. We saved several of the Dayanas to send to our media contacts in the city and ordered the loveliest "It's Better In The Bahamas" sashes to accompany her. So there you have it. I'm not a stalker weirdo, but you can see how that might have been lost in translation.
Also, I've unearthed some juicy celebrity gossip from my sources... and that's as much as I can tell you about it on BAA. If you're dying to know, just get in touch!

As always, updates to come as I have them. Kimmie and I are on the lookout for Speidi, Flo Rida and my old pal Donald Trump, so who knows? It could get crazy if I can ever get out of this conference room.


Anonymous said...

Don't look too hard for Speidi, you might find them.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! But you're right, I don't envy you. There's nothing worse than being stuck INSIDE, in a conference room no less, on a tropical island! Torture!

Jamie said...

1. Really Kimmie Gibbler, or a Kimmie Gibbler-esque person? I hope the former, but I suspect the unfortunate latter.

2. I'm dying to know the gossip.