Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thar Be Ellipses Ahead, Mateys

How great has this week been? It was National Talk Like a Pirate Day on Saturday, and now it’s National Punctuation Day. It’s like the heavens are just showering me with fake, yet relevant, national holiday blessings.

I admit, I’ve been a little sloppy with punctuation these days… and I'm fully aware of my liberal and possibly excessive use of ellipses. I’ll try to do better, readers! In the meantime, please find some helpful tips for celebrating today’s faux holiday, courtesy of (I do most of these things on a daily basis, but perhaps you'd like to try them out for yourself...)

Read a newspaper and circle all of the punctuation errors you find (or think you find, but aren’t sure) with a red pen.

Take a leisurely stroll, paying close attention to store signs with incorrectly punctuated words.

Stop in those stores to correct the owners.

If the owners are not there, leave notes.

A Recent Tweet From @BigAppleAngie:
Attention business owners: if you have a misplaced apostrophe in your neon sign, I'm afraid I can NOT patronize your establishment.


Anonymous said...

You mean there are others out there like you? So many there is a holiday?

Jamie said...

Posted on a fountain Coke machine at Subway, discovered last night:


To quote the great Rachel Zoe, I die.