Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Today

Picture this: BAA, looking very serious in a black dress, black sweater, black leggings and black boots, storms around like a madwoman, desperately trying to fit lunch and multiple errands into 15 minutes. With two events to finalize the following day, she has no time to spare.

A greasy-haired man sporting cargo pants stands facing BAA about 20 feet ahead of her on the sidewalk. On his shirt is a smiling cartoon tree. In his right hand, a clipboard. As BAA approaches, he locks eyes on her and begins to speak.

Man: Miss, would you please stop for one minute to talk about global warming?

BAA: As she continues speed-walking past him. Sure. At least when I get fired, I can be happy knowing the world is safe for one more day.

Man: Miss? Miss? Don’t you care about saving the earth?!

BAA: Over shoulder Not today!

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