Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recharging My Batteries

I haven’t blogged much lately, readers, and it’s only because I am forcing myself to sit down now and explain why that I’m even eking out these paltry words today. I feel like I owe you an explanation for my Internet negligence… so here goes.

Reason No. 1 – Work is B A N A N A S

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve added a new account to my existing clients, and all three have (selfishly!) aligned to turn me into a blithering fool for the entire month of October. Would you believe next Wednesday I’m planning and staffing two events for two different clients in two different countries ON THE SAME DAY? I mean, what?! For the client who was kind enough not to have an event that day, I’m working on a project that is literally out of this world. Confidentiality prohibits me from spilling the details… but I will say the learning curve has been really curvy.

I hate admitting that I don’t have super powers, but I DON’T HAVE SUPER POWERS. It exhausts my brain to communicate effectively for 10+ hours at a stretch (remind me to tell you how many words I write in a day), so the last thing on my to do list every day is charming blog post creation. Lately, it’s the least I can do to converse coherently with the roomies.

I’ve been neglecting you to save you, readers. Sorry excuse? Maybe. I would apologize, but even if I were blogging every day… you’d be bored to tears. Why?

Reason No. 2 – My Personal Life is B O R I N G

Back in July, I set a goal to stay in town for a full month so I could recharge, and then ignored myself and went to Chicago 10 days in. To be fair, this year has been mildly outrageous. Best Job in the World, PR for a plane crash, the national championship game, trapeze, ninja, reality show finals (oops, forgot to tell you that story), trips to California, England, France, Bahamas, Chicago, Disney World, a shocking death, the Miss Universe Pageant... it's hard to believe all this was jammed into the first 9 months of 2009.

After looking at that list, I didn't feel so guilty about needing a break, so I tried the travel ban again and this time stuck to it. (Full disclosure: I tried to leave last weekend but flights went up unexpectedly so I stayed.) I haven’t been out of town (NJ doesn’t count) since the mid-September trip to Disney, and though I haven’t consulted the books, methinks this may be some kind of record.

Usually I fill the pages of BAA with crazy stories of my travels and adventures in NYC. But I haven’t been traveling at all, and I confess I haven’t had a notable NYC adventure in ages. The most exciting thing that happened to me this week? We got a new Mac at work. If that doesn't send shivers of ecstasy up your spine, really, what will?

By the time the weekend finally shows up, I have just enough energy to swim laps, go to church, order groceries online and catch up on DVR. Want proof I'm not myself? I haven’t been to a Gator bar all season. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve been to the Gin Mill or Town Tavern for every single game. (My poor neighbors surely think I’m being tortured every Saturday now that I’ve been watching at home. There’s a lot of screaming.) Other than the random movie night or quick drink with friends, the rest of my free time is spent relaxing, cat-napping or sitting on a bench, staring at the Hudson River. I know, snoozefest!

This is not the BAA you’ve come to love, so I’m working on getting my mojo back. Lucky for you, me and my mojo, I’m traveling next week. After my morning event in NYC, I head to The Bahamas for a fishing tournament/press trip and some much needed natural Vitamin D via the sun, which appears to have vacated the tri-state area for the time being. I’ll have tropical photos, tall tales (preferably fun ones I can share unlike the last trip, ugh) and a general sense of travel-induced bliss.

Stay tuned… and sincerely, thanks for sticking with me even when I’m boring!


Anonymous said...

1. you are definitely not boring!
2. i want to hear about the reality tv show finals!!!
4. travels will have to bring BAA to Lexington some's a beautiful place and the races are a blast!
5. i am currently begging to visit the big apple. my husband has never been there and if i don't get to see the revival of bye bye birdie while it's starring john stamos (sigh) i might kill over and die. i will keep you posted on my travel attempts; however, i doubt it will happen. :(


Jamie said...

I am disheartened to hear that you do not have superpowers. Are you certain?