Thursday, November 12, 2009


Dear Twenty-Seven,

Honestly, I don’t know how to say goodbye to you. I’m reluctant to let you go, because you’ve been the most consistently entertaining year of my life. I could write novels about the past 365 days, and maybe someday I will. For these few hours we have left together, all I can do is reminisce.

We sure had some wild adventures, didn’t we, Twenty-Seven? Hiking the Kalalau Trail and catching my first wave with Hodgie in Hawaii was unreal, and cheering the Gators on in Miami when they won the national championship was enough excitement to last all year. I loved taking RaeRae to Paris and clubbing in West Hollywood with Erica (and Hef), and of course I can’t forget about my debut in Agency Idol. From Kiluaea to Mayaguana, NYC to Beverly Hills and Versailles to the Happiest Place on Earth, nearly every moment of this year has been unforgettable.

Even the best years get some valleys mixed in with the peaks, and though I had far more ups than downs with you, Twenty-Seven, my valleys were very deep and very low.  They reminded me that life isn’t always about fun worldwide competitions and silly reality dating show auditions. Oh, Twenty-Seven, who could have predicted that both a freak accident plane crash and a life-or-death emergency would make up some of this year’s most indelible memories?

Valleys aside, it has been a year of amazing opportunity. The Best Job in the World competition that took up much of your early days was just too much fun to forget. Hanging with Flo Rida and friends at Miss Universe was bizarre, but again, so memorable! I think people suspected you were trying to kill me at times, Twenty-Seven, what with the ninja lessons, trapeze classes and shark diving excursions. Though I have to say goodbye, I can say with all sincerity that I will never forget this year.

Twenty-Seven, I can only pray that Twenty-Eight will be as good to me as you’ve been, and that you’ll bring fun, excitement and fulfillment to my friends who are just about to head your way. Thank you for everything!



Anonymous said...

WOW ! What a jam-packed year! I'm sure 28 will be just as busy.
Happy Birthday

Elle said...

Sounds like you had an amazing year! Have no fear...28 is fabulous :) XOXO