Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear Twenty-Eight,

Hello there! I’m Big Apple Angie. It’s wonderful to finally meet you - welcome to my life! I strongly believe we can work together to make this year even better than the last, though Twenty-Seven doesn’t seem to think you can do it. So, bring it on!

You should know that I’m all about spontaneity and unpredictable entertainment. I’m ok with a few life lessons scattered here and there, but I’d prefer the majority of my experiences to be positive and fun. Generally, I like 90% awesomeness mixed with 10% real life just to keep me normal. Agreed?

As for goals, I’d like to go back to Bolivia and Hawaii, and would also like to visit Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand. If you could start working on that now, that would be great. I’m also into wild surprises, similar in scope to The Best Job in the World from Twenty-Seven. It’s also vital that you hook up another Gator national championship and the opportunity to cover the Heisman Trophy ceremony again in December. I don’t think this is too much to ask, but let me know if you have other ideas for the year so I can plan accordingly.

Twenty-Eight, please also try to keep my remaining NYC friends from moving away. That would go a long way toward making this year a whopping success. If you could please ensure that I stay wrinkle-and-gray free, I’ll surely end up counting you among the best years of my life.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Twenty-Eight!


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Jamie said...

SO CUTE! Happy Birthday my friend!