Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boringburg, Florida

I'm dying of boredom. Please, please take me away from here. If not for cleaning and organizing the closet, sweeping the floor & feeding the chickens (OMG, feeding the chickens? Who am I, Old McDonald?), I would have absolutely nothing to show for this Tuesday. I tried to insert some excitement into the day by picking up McDonald's cheeseburgers for RaeRae and her friends and taking it to school for the Bronco cafetorium experience. However, I was brutally rebuffed by the front office staff - clearly a new faculty member unaware of my MHS legacy. She was all, "Actually, the rules state only parents can come for lunch." And I was all, "Yeah, I'm basically a co-parent, so..." And then she checked with a supervisor and totally kiboshed my plan. Fail.

Having dropped the bag o'cheeseburgers off with RaeRae, I sped home (yep, starting to like driving in the USA again) and Mom & I then tore the house apart in order to put it back together for Thanksgiving festivities on Thursday. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in at least three years, and part of the reasoning behind that was because our family never really celebrated Thanksgiving in any meaningful way. The moment I decided to go to Hawaii every year instead, I began to receive calls from my entire extended family on Thanksgiving saying how much fun they were having at their big pilgrims and Indians riverside barbecue. This has bugged me for three years... so figuring we had a full-fledged family tradition on our hands, I came home this year...

...and guess what we're doing for Thanksgiving? Not having riverside pilgrims and Indians BBQ, that's for sure. Aunt Becky & Uncle Jeff and the kids are coming over on Thursday, but everyone else is doing their own thing. Is it me? Gahhh.

Oh well. Even if the whole gang isn't together, at least I know this year's food will trump last year's. When Hodgie and I landed in Kauai after a full day of flying, Uncle Bruce picked us up and we went straight to his friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. What none of us knew is that the friend was a vegan, thus all the Thanksgiving dishes were purple & mushy - and there was a tofurkey. Right.

Hodgie & I ended up at the only open establishment on the North Shore that night - an ice cream shoppe - where we had hot fudge sundaes and root beer floats. Thank God my Mom is a great cook and I have that to look forward to!

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