Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Firefighter Flashback

In the spirit of Veteran’s Day, I’d like to highlight some local heroes – the Hell’s Kitchen Firehotties.

Remember a few years ago when the firefighters came to my apartment, and roomies Amy, Erin and I took that infamous photo in our kitchen? The following week at work I was discussing the incident with colleague (now roommate) Erica, who'd coincidentally had a similar experience in her apartment that same weekend. Since then, we've bonded over NYFD stories and sightings and are forever laughing about our mutual love of neighborhood Firehotties.

Fast forward to one fateful Thursday night…
Erica and I were working our fourth PR event of the week and we were completely exhausted, delirious and starving for dinner. Our feet were burning from standing in heels for too many consecutive days. To say we'd reached our event planning threshold would be an understatement. With concealer-shellacked faces and carefully positioned smiles, we dutifully passed out gift bags and nametags to attendees. (See? My job is not always warm and sunny and spent on a beach!) Fortunately the event was progressing as well as could be expected, and we were counting down the hours until we could call it a day.

Suddenly, the fire alarm began to shriek, the emergency strobe lights flashed and the 200 party-goers began to look around with concern. Naturally, no one backed away from the buffet, but folks were sniffing for smoke. When two dozen firefighters poured into the lobby all at once, Erica and I didn't panic. Shadows of worry never furrowed our brows. No, in our event-induced delirium we just stood there motionless… and then laughed really hard. We waved to the firemen we recognized. One even said, “Hey, haven’t we been to your apartment?”

Needless to say, there was no emergency (other than fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor) and the Firehotties left without incident. But Erica and I still keep an eye on them whenever they’re out and about and would like to salute them today for their tireless efforts to keep our neighborhood safe. There have been dozens of times when I’ve seen them battling blazes (some set by idiots I know) and they really deserve our heartfelt thanks.

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Anonymous said...

My last year at UF Kim G and I were roomies at Royal Palm (the cute little place with the porch swings, although that has nothing to do with this story). It was the middle of the night during finals week and we were both exhausted and ready to go home for Christmas. All of a sudden the fire alarm goes off in our building (some random drunk pulled it as a prank) and we go screaming out of the apartment and running down stairs. We both look like crazy homeless women. Our hair is every where and I was definitely wearing this giant Gator jersey I sometimes sleep in (it's probably big enough for a 300 lb guy, but I've slept in it for about 10 years now so I just can't part with it). Anyway, here come 4 of the best looking firehotties we've ever seen...all geared up and swinging their axes! LE SIGH. We were in firehottie heaven...until we remembered what we looked like. Yikes! To this day we still reminisce and laugh over the night we met our dreamy Gainesville firehotties. If only we could have known they were coming...we would have looked fabulous and baked them treats. Haha.