Friday, November 27, 2009


We woke up early. Too early for me. I couldn't find any pants, because RaeRae's bedroom is a disaster and somehow my clothes are now mixed with hers. I finally found my holey jeans and threw on a few layers to keep warm. I'm a New Yorker now, I reminded myself. Who needs a coat? 

So, yeah, it was freezing out on George's Lake. The wind was whipping all day long, and even the extra sweatshirts I piled on from Hodgie's truck left something to be desired. It certainly didn't help that I got soaking wet during our kayak/fishing jaunt around our half of the lake. I may as well have fallen into the lake - I was soaked to the skin from head to toe.

Even worse - I didn't catch a thing. Not even a nibble. It was nice to hear Hodgie say, "Good cast, sis!" when I landed my little rig right next to the weeds. At least I still know how!

After we got back to the dock, Hodgie's work pal picked us up in his pontoon boat and we tooled around for a few more hours. Hodgie caught a sweet chain pickerel, but Rae and I gave up our fishing aspirations after another hour. I wanted to be a bass assassin... but ended up playing and singing songs with the two precious twin 5-year-olds on the boat. Ain't it always the way?

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