Saturday, November 21, 2009


Why does it take me so long to pack? For someone who travels as much as I do, you'd think I'd have this figured out by now. In fairness, packing for JAX is tricky... you never know if it's going to be 40 degrees or 80 on Thanksgiving, and chances are it will be both. At this point, I'm sick of thinking about it, so I just chucked all sorts of non-matching nonsense in my suitcase and am hoping RaeRae's wardrobe can supplement. We'll see what I can do with 3 swimsuits and my knee-high brown boots, because that's about all I have.

Jamie's going away party last night wasn't the sobfest I thought it would be, thank goodness. We watched her NYC/ATL video a few times, checked out the gorgeous photos Rachel took as a going away present and drank Smartinis - a delish beverage Jamie concocted on the fly with whatever was in the cabinet. She's got domestic stealth, I tell you, and it will serve her well in ATL. At 9:50 a.m., I'm getting in a cab to go pick her up for the ride to LGA. Did you read her last NYC blog? It's a good one.

Once I land in JAX, Hodgie is picking me up and we're heading to meet Mom, Dad & Rae for dinner at Carrabba's and then New Moon. So while the next couple of hours are going to be rather sucky because I have to put my bestie on a one-way flight back to ATL, my evening is filled with white wine mussels and vampire/werewolf muscles. The Lord giveth and taketh away.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fab time with your family and enjoy your time in FL. We have plans to attend the FL/FSU game this weekend (all subject to change depending on work...Pat's still in VA due to the flooding from Ida) just in case you're there.
You make me want to run out and read the Twilight books NOW. I've had plans of reading them for over a year, but haven't had the chance yet. I refuse to see any of the movies until I've read the books. I know...I'm a little behind on the Twilight trend. Maybe I'm hesitant because I know it will never compare to my beloved Harry. I'll get to them soon. They are on my "To Read" List...only one of the many lists I have.