Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving Lists

I’ve always been a casual list maker, but increasingly since my car accident in 2006 it’s become a necessity to write every last thing down if it needs to be remembered. I’ve got at least three notepads at work, five different calendars and dozens of post-it notes all over my desk with reminders. When I’m commuting or traveling, often those notes go into my iPhone. I was on the 6 train yesterday traveling to Maria’s going away party when I read through some of the notes I’ve made over the past year. Here are some highlights – I’ve left a few of the most ridiculous things out because I don’t want you to think I’m weird… though after reading these selections, even I find myself to be a quite a freak. 
List titles are bold, commentary is italicized.  

1. Karaoke song list. I found that under pressure to choose a song, I get really stressed out and sometimes end up with a poor song choice. This list comes in most handy when I need to remember an old favorite, a la Downtown, Somebody to Love, I Love Rock and Roll or I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

2. Wants Because I can’t remember what I want if it’s not in writing.
a. Wii, Wii Fit & Rock Band
b. Rollerblades
c. Tights 
d. Purple scarf from Ann Taylor 
e. Tebow jersey

3. Blog ideas
a. Why I love Pinkberry 
b. Magical Blankie There are no notes with this… just two words: Magical Blankie. If I wasn’t 100% sure that I’ve never done drugs, I would swear I was on something.

4. Hodgie’s New Year’s Trip Notes on what to do with my lil bro when he comes up for New Year’s Eve. 
a. Rock of Ages 
b. Roof party – get Champagne 
c. Snow? Sledding! Now that I wrote it down, if it does happen to snow, I will be able to check this list and remember to sled.

5. Bridesmaids This is my list and even I think it's a bizarro one, as if I will forget my friends and family the moment I get engaged. Also, I’m nowhere near engagement, so… this list is a little unnecessary. That said, you might be surprised who’s on it!

6. Random Thoughts
a. Other cities are scary Where in the world was I when I wrote this?

7. Options This is my list of future potential projects.
a. Start a foundation or something Clearly, I’m motivated by this idea.

8. Call List I have a serious problem with keeping in touch (hence, I have a blog) so I have to maintain this list of people I need to call once in a while to maintain friendship. If I didn't have this list, I would honestly never call anyone.

9. Notes about Me
a. I don’t know how to balance a checkbook

10. Master Radical ideas I wrote up a bio for Master Radical, my brother’s band, a few months ago for a local Jacksonville magazine, yet I’ve never been to one of their concerts. I had to know…
a. What the heck is a master radical? Hodgie was about as articulate as always with his answer. "It’s just like, radical. The master of radical."

11. Story Ideas
a. I’ve got the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow Guess I was having a good day. 
b. I’m smarter than all you married people Guess I was having a bad day.

12. Gift ideas Can’t tell you what this list says! It’s a surprise!

13. The cupcake shoppes of NYC are little diet sabotaging landmines That's the extent of the note. Just wanted to let myself know that once I likened cupcakes to tools of war.

14. Jamie’s Address I used to always forget it, so I put it in my phone.

15. Everyone has the perfect life as designed by God for them. If you accept that God has your life planned out for you, you'll realize you're always exactly where you're supposed to be. No one gets anything better, just different. It’s the envy that creeps in and ruins what God has deemed “perfect” for you. A random epiphany I had about God's perfect will for everyone's life.

16. I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. A favorite quote I say often to annoy my sister. 

17. Ninja Blog notes Ninja blog to come sometime during NaBloPoMo!

18.  The BAA Manifesto A lengthy list of random facts about me. I live in fear that one of these stupid Facebook questionnaires will come to me and I won’t have a clever answer for every question… so I write down random facts as I go.
a. I like to make lists I made a note about lists in a list prepared in advance for a potential list of questions. Do they have a hotline for people like me who clearly need help?


Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Partially because I am a big list maker...partially because it reminded me of one of Andy Rooney's segments at the end of 60 minutes. :)
The Bridesmaid list cracked me up because I think I've had that running list since I was in about 2nd grade. Haha. Actually, I have most of these same lists on my iPhone, Outlook account or in my planner right now. You are not alone.

elizabeth said...

Freaking hilarious. I found a note in my phone entitled "15." All it said was, "The world changes...opens up...sushi and toothpaste and music that's not top 40"
Um, what the hell, elizabeth??