Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Puppy Love

I finally made it over to my grandparents’ house this afternoon for a visit and there were five adorable Sheltie puppies just waiting to be snuggled.  Monga & Papa are awesome, but I’m afraid RaeRae and I spent the majority of our adoration on the 6-week old fluffballs.

How can you not melt over a face like this?!

When Monga turned her back, RaeRae whispered, “Grab a handful of puppies and make a run for it!” But we all know both Dad and our current dog, Sheila, would have had seizures if we brought home any new family members. 
Obviously I'm in no position to have a dog right now, what with living in NYC and traveling so much... but these little guys nearly convinced me otherwise.

For information on my awesome grandparents and the unbelievable work they do with Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue, click here. 


10NISNE1 said...

Your pictures bring back wonderful memories. We have two Duffey Shelties up in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures are just too cute. They bring back memories of this Sheltie I had back when I was in elementary school named Sheila. Sadly, she is with us no longer. :(