Monday, November 30, 2009

Victory is Mine!

NaBloPoMo is over! Glory hallelujah! While I have appreciated the extra incentive to blog every day, thus sating my Mom and my most avid readers, I admit I'm ready for a few days that don't involve me planning when I'll have time to get to a computer to write.

Today I ran all over town with Mom like a crazy person, dropping off goodies at the Salvation Army, visiting the property my parents remodeled in Arlington, checking out my bro's handiwork at his job downtown and ultimately ending up at St. John's Town Center where I shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped. Making up for fishing on Black Friday, I guess.

We met up with b-day girl Aunt Peggy and her crew and my grandparents for dinner at Maggiano's... I was disappointed with dinner, but had a great time with the family as always. Now I'm finally back home, in my pajamas and on my way upstairs to watch Horton Hears a Who or Pride & Prejudice with RaeRae. Tomorrow I have a feeling I'll spend the entire day doing laundry and rounding up all my junk which is now deposited in every last corner of the house. Oye.

Happy NaBloPoMo! I hope you enjoyed it!

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Anonymous said...

I vote for Pride & Prejudice. It's one of my favorite books. Enjoy your time at home.