Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wake Up Call

7 a.m.
Hell's Kitchen

Jarred from sleep, BAA groggily answers the insistent iPhone blaring an ill-advised Britney Spears ringtone from the headboard.

BAA: Hello?


BAA: Grunts. No, Mom, I’m in my bed… asleep.

Mom: R-PATZ IS THERE! You should go!

BAA: Gees, Mom. Smacks forehead.

Mom: Well at least turn on the TV!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What time do you have to be at work? I am so jealous you are still in bed at 7 (not to mention the countless other reasons I'm jealous of your job). I have to get up by 6 or 6:30 every morning before all just depends on whether it's "wash my hair day" or not. I alternate every other day between washing hair and not washing. :)

ps-i'm still working on that trip to NYC. the UK basketball team will be playing in madison square gardens on dec. 9th (my dad is the BIGGEST UK fan ever) so i'm trying to talk my dad in to taking the fam to nyc for the big event. he wants to go every year UK plays in MSG but every year something stands in our way. this year it's all the flooding in the north east that will most likely keep me from the big apple. (not sure if you know what we do...we run an adjusting company for natural disasters. i grew up in the business and here i am after all these years. we're actually the largest flood adjusting co in the entire US...our adjusters travel all over the country to inspect the houses and help insured's who have lost their home after storm.) my dad said last night (as we were sitting at the Cats game) that he was planning on taking the whole fam up first of december for the game and to spend a few days but now work is going to keep us from it. i'll keep hoping though...