Wednesday, January 27, 2010


a) Abbreviation of "for the win"
b) Commonly used among geeks to express their enthusiasm for something
c) A term which can be originated to a popular game show "Hollywood Squares" when, on the final move, contestants would announce their move was "For the win".

The Situation: I miss Jamie so much.
The Solution: Yesterday, LJ, B and I booked our flights to Atlanta. 36 days to go – FTW!

The Situation: I’m lost without Glee on Wednesday nights.
The Solution: I’ve been listening to the Glee station on Pandora at work daily and following the show’s progress during award season. How stoked were you when they won the Golden Globe? FTW!

The Situation: I’m having trouble finding time to work out with my new Wii Fit and still stay caught up on my DVR.
The Solution: A coworker taught me how to have two screens going at once, so now I can get trim while keeping up to date with Jake and his harem’s crazy shenanigans. FTW!

The Situation: My little brother needs a nice, wholesome gal in his life… not a sketchmaster 2000.
The Solution: Let’s just say… FTW!


Bethany Michelle said...

Ha! I adore so SO much of this... :)

lauren said...

Atl Bound! Wooo!

Anonymous said...

FTW Way to go girls!

Susan Wyatt said...

FTW- Freddy T. Wyatt... I actually thought you blogged about him when I saw the title...hahaha!

reg said...

Sadly, I too have discoverd the split screen for watching tv and playing Wii or playstation at the same time. Though, I'm not working out, it's the ultimate in couch potato-ing.

Anonymous said...

sketchmaster 2000. HA!

Jamie said...