Thursday, March 25, 2010

Definitely Crappiness

Last week, my colleague Kim shared this NY Post article with me and as God is my witness, truer words have never been written in the NY Post. If you've known me for any length of time, we've probably discussed the dating situation in NYC at least once. Or twice. Or many, many more times

Hailing from the South, (which I love for its crispy fried deliciousness but hate for its penchant to force everyone into marriage as young as possible) I get a lot of "Why aren't you settled down yet?" and "What's wrong with you?" and "You're too picky" and "Don't you think you're getting too old to have children?" 

Well skeptical Southern marriage lovers, read it and weep. Numbers don't lie.** 

Nabeela Haque, a 36-year-old personal trainer who lives in Astoria, is also tempted to ditch the dating scene in New York.
“I don’t know if they become crappy when they meet me or they were crappy before, but there is definitely crappiness,” she says of the city’s single men.

* You might notice a cameo in the story from Melissa Braverman, the blogger I mentioned a few weeks back who is in the midst of her nationwide dating blitz. 
**Other reasons I'm not yet settled down aside from the NYC odds: I don't want to be & God will make it so on His time!

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