Friday, March 19, 2010

Designer Friends

While I am neither stylish nor hip in either the clothing or home decor arenas, you may be surprised to know that I have friends who are legit design superstars. I'd like to introduce two of NYC's most stylish young women, veritable gurus in the world of home design -- and ladies I'm proud to call friends.

Judith is a treasured colleague who blogs about stylish decor at Better Home, No Garden. She and her hubby Robert recently worked with local designers for a story in the New York Times about making over their cozy Brooklyn bedroom. Read all about the transformation here. She's absolutely too cute for words!
Another friend whose preciousness defies explanation is Hannah, one of the cohorts in my Monday night Beth Moore study (former roommate of Jamie). She recently appeared on HGTV's First Time Design, where she knocked it out of the park and wowed the host, the family she designed for and the viewing public. Give this girl a TV show, already! When she's not working at her advertising day job, Hannah blogs about her design finds here.
As I prepare to whip my back porch and atrium into shape this sunny weekend (with Jorel's help, of course), I am filled with lots of random, non-coordinated ideas for how to spruce up both spaces. Perhaps I should consult with my fabulous design-loving friends first!

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