Friday, March 26, 2010


Do you like pink, sparkly things? Shopping at Target? Talking out loud to cardigan sweaters? Saying “Weeeeeee!” a lot?

Then you would have had the time of your life during our girls weekend to Atlanta a few weeks ago. As usual, Lauren beat me to the bloggie punch, so her lovely recap will be my recap as well.

Read LJ’s post, and then come back for these notes:
1. Jamie’s new life setup is amazing and while I was there, I admit, I really missed Atlanta and envied her fancy basement.

2. Very little sleeping happened. Each night after coming home from dinner and shenanigans around town, we stayed up chatting forever and watching The Office, Saturday Night Live and The Hangover. And in keeping with the theme of the weekend, our blankets sparkled explosively in the middle of the night. Static electricity or something more ethereal? No one knows.

3. Southerners, get ready. The Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwich does exist. It’s awesome and it’s coming soon! Also at Chick-Fil-A HQ, the shuttle driver to the cafeteria did Disney Trivia on the 5-minute drive. If it were possible to marry a company, Chick-Fil-A and I would be getting engaged very soon.

4. This bullet point makes me sound like the snarky, all-black wearing, smart-mouthed Jeanine Garofalo of the group. OMG. I am the all-black wearing smart-mouthed JG of the group! Out of 500 collective dollars spent at Target, I am the one who bought a black dress, black shoes and a black headband. Um, weeee?!
5. Right around the time we had this conversation, we also located real live Girl Scouts (note: they're hard to find in NYC), who lead us to their tasty table o' delicious cookies. Those crafty little scouts know how to drive a hard bargain, but there's not a price I wouldn't pay for Tagalongs and Thin Mints.

6. Bethany + Jamie + Lauren + BAA = karaoke. No one is surprised. Another fun part about this night: I met three of Jamie's Atlanta friends and saw a handful of my favorite people from past Bolivia mission trips at Twisted Taco. The foreign exchange students and creepy strippers really just made it that much more interesting.
7. It legitimately took B + L about two hours to pack for the return trip home, but that's to be expected since they spent the majority of that collective $500 at Target!

8. Marietta is cute! I never went there when I lived in Atlanta, but Jamie gave us the grand tour. Can’t believe I never saw the big chicken before... what was I doing for two years if not trying to find the big chicken?

9. No coat all weekend = money well spent.

10. Now that I am assured that Jamie’s new life in Atlanta is awesome, I approve of her decision to leave NYC. She really has it made and God has blessed her faithfulness!

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Jamie said...

xoxoxoxoxoxo x 100000. can we go back to the weekend and do it over and over and over again?