Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We're Glitterati. I Feel Like Lady GaGa.

I don't think I could have waited one more day for Season 2 of Glee, and thanks to my darling colleague Kimmie Gibbler, I don't have to! We're off to see the premiere tonight - one whole glorious week early! Kimmie got us tickets to a charity event benefiting the Grammy Foundation, so we'll be toe-tapping and shaking our jazz hands with a whole movie theater full of GLEEks just like us. Weeeeeee!

I promise to keep mum on whatever goes down with diabolical track suit goddess Sue Sylvester, dreamboat Mr. Shuester and the rest of the Glee club... until next week when I watch it again from the comfort of my own home and we can all discuss together, rewinding to catch the best lines from Kurt and Santana ("Those sweaters make her look homeschooled") and then laughing about it all week long.

Since I am being so hugely blessed with the opportunity to watch Glee a week early, providing the trailer for your viewing pleasure below is the least I can do. Enjoy!

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