Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Say No... To High School Reunions

I flew to Florida in June for my high school reunion, though I didn’t actually have a high school reunion to go to. Let me explain. As a senior class officer, one of my duties is/was to help plan future reunions. Who signs up for a “duty” 10 years in the future? Overachieving freaks like me and Dwight Schrute, that’s who.
Long story short… I spent six months planning the weekend’s events, $500 on a quality venue, $250 on a plane ticket and many, many hours coordinating, only to have the vast majority of my classmates fail to book in time. Have you ever heard of anyone cancelling a class reunion? Well now you have. Womp womp.

Here’s how to prevent this from happening to you.

Big Apple Angie’s High School Reunion Planning Tips

1. Don’t have one. Everyone has Facebook so you can see who got hot, who got fat and who is still revving their pickup’s engine in the parking lot at the infamous Western themed McDonald’s without paying for a nice dinner and having to pretend you care about the people you don't bother to stay in touch with anyhow. Be honest – you are still friends with the people you want to be friends with, so save yourself the trouble and stalk the others from home in your sweatpants via Facebook for free.

2. If you insist on having a reunion for tradition’s sake, and you’re one of the overachievers who gets stuck planning, don’t volunteer for anything major and please, I beg you, never take on a leadership role. While there are events that are worth your blood, sweat, tears and precious time – weddings, memorial services, PR launches for major Orlando attractions – high school reunions do not qualify. Offer to be the check-in gal, create a Facebook group or pick up cupcakes the day of the event.

3. Take stock of your classmates. Were they super motivated, responsible, on time and socially proficient 10 years ago? If not, run as fast as you can. Ten years might have changed some folks into responsible adults, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

4. What was the literacy rate for your high school class? I ask because though we had all the information very clearly displayed, including frequently asked questions, directions and the key details on how and when to pay, only 14 people were able to read those plain English words and understand them.

5. Don't forget about Adult ADD. Our main dinner was scheduled to take place on a historic riverboat and we were going to cruise, eat and dance for a short 2.5 hours down the beautiful St. John’s River. People actually complained to me that they didn’t want to be on a boat for that long in case they got bored.

6. Don’t ever pay a deposit out of your own pocket, even if 75 people RSVP that they’ll attend. This just in – they probably won’t! Then you’re stuck footing the bill for people who don’t know (or just don't care about) RSVP etiquette.

Perhaps more people would have signed up if we’d had it in the McDonald’s parking lot? Maybe in 2020…

On the very bright side, I got to spend the whole weekend with my family at the beach, at my aunt and uncle’s new riverside home and by the pool. More about that next time!


Erin said...

Awww.... and I thought the blog info distribution was such a good idea! Class of 2000 sucks.

Anonymous said...

This makes me feel better about not going to mine in August. I wasn't an overachiever but I did want to say a speech on the loud speaker so that's how I was roped into the class officer/planning committee.

Stephisis said...

LOL Good to know I'm one of the 14 "literate" people (although I did pay late, but I still paid!). I hate that we had to cancel it. I was really looking forward to all of the festivities. I say next time we do it "Gross Point Blank" style and have it in the MHS gym. :D Well, maybe without the hitmen. lol

Sean said...

haaaaahaha I love this. I share your annoyance, but not anywhere near the level of frustration you must have felt. Maybe we'll cross paths one of these days and have a little mini-reunion. From one of the literate, on-time fols, thanks again for the effort!

Anonymous said...

I feel you ang! My 10 year reunion was this past weekend and my friends and I avoided it like the plague! The official report was that it was like "a prison break, first of the month at the welfare office, and failed Jenny Craig in the hood all rolled into one! I feel we made the right decision!

Ole! (guess who :)

Big Apple Angie said...

I think reunions are passe at this point!

Special thanks to Stephanie & Sean for being literate =)

Unknown said...

That's why I didn't even pretend that I wanted to go. I knew 10 years ago that I wouldn't care what people are up to in 2010.