Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Mom LOLs

BAA's Mom - I love to drive you nuts

BAA - No kidding

BAA's Mom - There are just a few things im good at, that is one of them

BAA - You need a new hobby. Have you thought about being a detective?

BAA's Mom - Actually I stay quite busy driving my children bonkers

BAA - That's what I'm saying... you're being so sinful by doing that. {Bible says} Do not exasperate your children.

BAA's Mom - Honor your mother, till you are old

BAA - It also says honor your mother unless she's crazy, and then do whatever you want

BAA's Mom - I've never seen that side note

BAA - It's in the reference bible, you must have missed it

BAA's Mom - You're a hoot. I love making you nuts!

BAA - Well cut it out, sinner!

BAA's Mom - lol

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Camels & Chocolate said...

Dude! Your stuff hasn't been showing up in my feed in fore-eva (hence my lack of commenting). I wonder why? You haven't changed your URL or anything...hrm.