Saturday, August 21, 2010

BAA - 0 | Wisconsin - 2

My cousin Erricka got married a few weeks ago, and attending her nuptuals meant attempting yet another completely bananas trip to Wisconsin. You may recall the last trip in February... this one was shorter and for a much happier occasion - but predictably just as wild. 
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Border - How gorgeous are their kids going to be!?

I was already going on two nights in a row of less than 3 hours of sleep due to a friend's visit to NYC, so I was in fine form at the reception which seemed to go on for 12 hours. Actually, I think it did go on for 12 hours.
This picture just now reminded me how I broke my sunglasses. One should not wear one's sunglasses at night, no matter what the song says.

I say this all the time, but for real - I danced my rear end off. The wedding was Friday night and I was still limping on Wednesday of the following week. I didn't get blisters on my feet, I went straight to having bloody ankles. I also thought it would be a brilliant idea to sing "Don't Stop Believing"* during the reception. In the microphone. To everyone. So, I'm that wedding guest in case you're ever short of entertainment. 

Speaking of getting no sleep, at 4 a.m. when the cops came to the hotel room I was crashing in with my cousin Gavin, two other Wisconsin fellows of indeterminate age and their dad, longtime family friend and crazy person Kamikaze Joe, I decided that it was the best wedding I'd been to yet. All future wedding parties, take note!
Andrew & Nick, please marry these girls!

On Saturday evening, after spending a raucous day on the lake with the cousins and their lovely girlfriends, I drove through endless cornfields back to Auntie Sis's house, where I promptly passed out on her living room floor. I'm getting too old for these shenanigans, but all the Wisconsin cousins seem to be doing their best to keep me young.
Erricka & Angelene

Erricka and I are just two months apart, and even though we grew up on opposite sides of the country, we've always been close. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Border - I'm so glad I could share your special day!

*GLEE might be affecting the decisions I make... intervention, anyone? 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast, wish I coulda been there.

Anonymous said...

looks like you have amazing family! ;)

your loving cousin,