Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sometime between Austin, Europe, The Bahamas, Hogwart's and Mexico, I managed to stay put in NYC for one whole weekend so I could a.) attend Travel Blog Exchange '10 for the second year in a row and b.) plan and host a speakeasy-themed party to kickoff the weekend and showcase my clients to all the great travel writers in attendance. Mostly, it was an entertaining and informational weekend, but due to several mitigating factors (like the fact that I was homeless due to my well-intentioned but stupid promise to vacate my apartment that weekend so roommate Sara's family could stay there for her Monday wedding), Friday-through-Monday left me quite worn out.

Luckily for me, months of party planning and three nights of crashing at Casa Lost Girls downtown were worth the sleep and sanity sacrifices. TBEX turned out to be just like senior year, but funner. All the travel writers and bloggers you know and love were there, dishing funny travel anecdotes, poetic narrative examples and helpful tips for my own little corner of the Web.

Check out this personally vetted list of travel bloggers for creative ways to distract yourself at work.

Three intrepid NYC gals who left everything for a year on the road. Read their bookCheck out their site. Sleep in their apartment. (Just kidding. Only I get to do that!)

Mike Barish
Hilarious guy who writes about all the crazy things you can buy from SkyMall for Gadling. Also co-host of The Mike and Alex show podcast.

Indie Travel Podcast
Speaking of podcasts, you must check out my new favorite Kiwis (sorry Bret & Jemaine). Come for the travel info, stay for the accents! Craig & Linda are two of the world's nicest people and I'm crossing my fingers that they're home in New Zealand whenever I actually make it there.

Legal Nomads
I don't think it's a secret that I naturally gravitate toward friends who are shorter than me, so I knew Jodi and I would be tight just as soon as I met her. She is a lawyer who left the corporate world for life on the road and has been traveling since 2008. Check her out on Twitter, too.

Nomadic Matt
Like his nickname says, Matt is a constant world traveler. Thinking about going RTW? Check out his site here. He also has written eBooks on SEO and building a travel blog, so if you're thinking about joining the blogosphere, start with Matt.

Johnny Jet
Need travel info on flights, destinations, train schedules, hotels, cruises, yada yada yada? Former flying-phobic John's site is a great place to start planning your next trip.

Everything Everywhere
Gary's been traveling around the world since 2007 and has thousands of gorgeous photos from far-flung locales to prove it. He also has an enviable travel blog directory that's serves as the perfect rabbit hole to get lost in on a rainy afternoon.

I met a zillion other fab bloggers at TBEX, but this teeny list is all I have time for this go-round... if I forgot you, please let me know and I'll be happy to supplement!

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