Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Rare NYC M-o-t-S

Crossing the street on the way to the bank a few days ago, I came across your average NYC Man-on-the-Street - potentially skeezy, a little bleary-eyed, scrubby looking and very vocal about his love for ladies. Regardless of the woman's attire (seriously, this happens in sweatpants as much as high heels), this type of fellow can often be heard slurring something like, "Dayum, baby, you look fiiiiine" at any halfway attractive W-o-t-S. To be fair, the men in NYC think they're doing us a favor by commenting on our "white hot booties" and whatnot. It doesn't occur to them that we might not enjoy these "compliments," because they mean them so sincerely and they are so passionate about the fantasticness of our booties, or whatever. But that's a cultural anomaly in these parts...

Anyhow, a few days ago I was on my way to the bank during lunch. Midway through the crosswalk, this particular M-o-t-S saw me, stopped mid-street, bowed dramatically, and with a flourish of his hand, shouted "Long Live the Queen!"

I laughed out loud and walked, nay, strutted, with a little extra pep in my step for the rest of the day. An NYC M-o-t-S who knows how to compliment a lady respectfully is a rare man indeed. Kudos, M-o-t-S.

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