Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Tiny Difference of Opinion

Scene: Lounging at the beach at Robert Moses State Park on Long Island Monday afternoon

La La La Lauren: Hey BAA, what is the one word that best describes you?

BAA: Hmm, I don't know. (Long, thoughtful pause.) Probably rational.

LLLL: RATIONAL? I think your word is impulsive!

BAA: No, it's rational.

LLLL: No, it's impulsive!

BAA: No, it's definitely rational. I'm like, the least impulsive person ever!

LLLL: Are you kidding me?

BAA: Is your word argumentative?!


Jamie said...

i'm with LJ on this one - like 100%. i do believe i'm the rational one in this little operation!

words i would have accepted instead:
adventurous; entertaining; traveler; story-teller

lj: sassy

(bethany: cupcake)

Anonymous said...



elizabeth said...

I, also, am Team Impulsive on this one. Jamie, what's your word? I would like for mine to be authentic. Or genuine :)

reg said...

all of you could be: hilarious.

love it!

lauren said...

dearest angelene.

you're word is not, nor will it ever be, rational. please accept that all our friends are on my side.


also, my mom got a good laugh outta this one. :)

Big Apple Angie said...

Impulsive: actions done without forethought.

Have I ever done anything without first making a pros and cons list?

At least my Mom knows me well =)

Bethany Michelle said...

bhaha. but fine, A. you're "pro-con-list-toting-impulsive"... that's one word, right?


Anonymous said...

I could list 25 words describing you and impulsive would not even ever make the list. Ever. Ever.
Spontaneous would be the closest I would get, and that's not even close.
I believe I've known you the longest.
Just saying.